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Quality, Health, Safety and Environment  (QHSE) Policy

TANMIA is a pioneer company for providing all Integrated Services and Consultations in the Egyptian national petroleum sector with a broad range of allies in all activities of the petroleum sector. And committing to our vision to invade the market as leaders; Tanmia is committed to the highest standards of excellence in all business practices and continual improvement of the quality of our services.
Tanmia believes that “Ethical Behavior” and “Duty of Care” is not merely a legal obligation or an owned right, but also makes good business practice which ensures efficiency and effectiveness, strengthen and enhance our business transactions and interactions with all the business parties.
Tanmia requires the active commitment and empower each employee to take the appropriate action to ensure compliance with QHSE standards where the top and line management has a leadership role in the communication and implementation of, and ensuring compliance with, such standards.
Our mission & objectives are to conduct ethical business transactions and interactions to achieve complete customer satisfaction in a manner that promotes safe work practices and avoids risk to our employees, our Communities, and the environment also in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Tanmia believes that these standards and codes can be achieved through:

  • Management commitment and leadership to QHSE in all aspects of our business through ensure compliance with QHSE standards and legislative requirements.
  • Enhancing competence such as employee’s skills, experience and Providing suitable and sufficient training to improve QHSE performance
  • Enhance level of monitoring and evaluation of performance to identify and initiate action to prevent any non-conformity to ensure continuous customer satisfaction
  • Communication and consultation to employees, clients, contractors and all the business parties to ensure the understanding good practice of our QHSE policies, and objectives.
  • Involvement, Participation and intervention both internally and with other parties to provide the assurance that the QHSE Management Systems are functioning correctly Recognition of those who contribute to improving QHSE performance.
  • Good QHSE Practice through:
    • Realistic Quality & HSE targets in consistent with the company policy (100% customer satisfaction, Zero accidents …);
    • Carrying out our operations with minimal risk to personnel or the environment (Hazard identifications, controls, pollution prevention …);
    • Plan for, respond to and recover from any emergency, crisis and business disruption.
  • Continual improvement of the management system in order to achieve highest performance levels for complying with international standardizations (ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001…)

Tanmia Codes to live with :
Ensure good QHSE culture by the understanding that we are all accountable for quality and safety”
Think error free regarding Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment - Do it right at the first time every time
The effective management of QHSE will not only result in continuing improvement of QHSE performance but will also contribute to overall development of a more performance orientated culture which everyone in the company

This Policy shall be regularly reviewed to ensure ongoing suitability. The commitments listed are in addition to our basic obligation to comply with QHSE standards and codes.


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